Rochester Chen Style Taijiquan

Northern Wu 64-Movement Sword Form

See the reference books below for information on the Wu Sword form

1. Begin the form
2. Grasp Sparrow’s Tail
3. Separate Sword, form Seven Stars
4. Step Forward Protect Knee
5. Turn Around, Chop Sword
6. Step Forward and Cut Knee
7. Crouching Tiger at Door
8. Hang the Golden Bell Upside Down
9. Needle at Sea Bottom (Thrust to Groin)
10. Splitting through the Mountain and Take the Sword
11. Angle Piercing (Thrust Against the Scales)
12. Turn Body and Point
13. Pei Gong Cuts the Snake
14. Turn Body to lift the Golden Bell
15. Monkey Stretches its Arm
16. Carrying Fire Wood
17. Thrust to Throat with Single Whip
18. Sweeping the Sword (Turn Body to Cut Upward, 3 reverse hits)
19. Crouching Tiger at the Door
20. Row the Boat
21. Boat goes with the Current
22. Point between the Eyebrows (Paint red dot between the eyebrows)
23. Back Step Cut Wrist
24. Turn Body and Chop
25. Fair Lady Throws the Needle
26. Turn Body, Chain of Rings (Turn Body to Parry Continuously)
27. Chop with Sword Facing the Door
28. Crouching Tiger at the Door
29. Catch Turtle at Sea Bottom
30. Scholar Raises his Writing Brush
31. Cutting Backward
32. Step and Thrust Down
33. Hold the Whip Left and Right
34. Sweep the Falling Flower
35. Turn Body to Chop both sides
36. Embrace the Moon
37. Single Whip
38. Raise Sword under Elbow
39. Dredge the Moon from the Sea Bottom
40. Sweep a Thousand Soldiers
41. Alert Cat Catches the Mouse
42. Dragonfly Skims the Water
43. Wasp Enters the Hole
44. Carrying a Musical Instrument
45. Spirit of the Cloud Dance
46. Fair Lady Spreads Flowers
47. Pick up Stars
48. Strike in the Wind
49. Leaping Over the Stream
50. Fish Leaps over the Gate (Left, Right Sleeping Fish)
51. Left Hand Sweeps the Clouds
52. Yellow Dragon Turns Over Its Body
53. Search for Snake in the Grass
54. Yellow Dragon Wags Its Tail
55. White Snake Flicks Its Tongue
56. Clouds Cover Wushan Mountain
57. Li Guang Shoots the Stone
58. Embrace the Moon
59. Single Whip
60. Black Dragon Turns Its Tail
61. Bird Flies into the Forest
62. Farmer Carries Hoe
63. Chains of Rings (Hook and Parry continuously)
64. Close the form

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