Rochester Chen Style Taijiquan

Wu Style 13-Movement Spear Form

The Wu 13-movement spear form is an excellent fundamental spear form. It contains multiple repetitions of several core moves, such as lan na zha (outside block, inside parry, thrust). Many of the moves can be easily translated into 2-person drills, serving to develop the correct intent and timing for spear handling.

The names below are a combination of technical description and names of the same moves in the Chen Village spear form.

1. Ye cha explores the sea
2. Lift spear, lan na zha (lan - outward parry, na - inward parry, zha -thrust)
3. Side block, thrust
4. Parry to the rear, upward crouching thrust, kick around, lan na zha
5. Four staff moves moves (starts with Mt. Tai crushes Egg)
6. Two head flowers, to Tai Gong goes fishing
7. Three advacning presses and slashes to the head, lan na zha
8. White ape steps back
9. Black dragon enters den
10. Three upper thrusts with pedal foot
11. Three point and flicks with hopping advance
12. Ba Gua Chicken step in a circle, return to starting position
13. Lan na zha, close form

Lan Na Zha - Front


Lan Na Zha - Side



Ma Yueh Liang performing 13-movement Wu spear form