Rochester Chen Style Taijiquan

Chen Style Taiji Straight Sword (Jian) Form

The jian (straight, or double-edged sword) is a more delicate weapon than the dao (broadsword). It iss the weapon of the scholar or gentleman. Practice of the jian develops precise movements and focused awareness. There are very clear opening and closing movements that give the practice a qigong conditioning effect. This form is characterized by light, spiraling movements that demonstrate the internal aspects of Chen Style Taijiquan. Include in the sword form are techniques for piercing, choping or hacking, hacking, pointing or tipping, slicing and parrying.

1st section
1. Beginning Posture for Single Straight Sword
2. Face the Sun
3. Immortal Points the Way
4. Green Dragon Emerges from the Sea
5. Protect the Knee
6. Close the Gate
7. Green Dragon Emerges from the Sea
8. Turn Body and Chop with Sword
9. Green Dragon Turns Its Body
10. Diagonal Flying
11. Open Wings and Bow Head
12. Part Grass to Search for Snake
13. Golden Rooster Stands on One Leg

2nd section
14. Immortal Points the Way
15. Cover and Pull Back
16. Twisted Roots of Ancient Tree
17. Hungry Tiger Pounces on Prey
18. Green Dragon Swings Its Tail
19. Backward Arm Circling
20. Wild Horse Jumps the Creek
21. White Snake Flicks its Tongue
22. Black Dragon Swings Tail
23. Zhong Kui Holds the Sword
24. Luohan Subdues Dragon
25. Black Bear Turns its Back
26. Swallow Pecks the Mud
27. White Snake Flicks its Tongue
28. Diagonal Flying

3rd section
29. Hawk and Bear Match Wits
30. Swallow Pecks the Mud
31. Pluck Star to alter the Constellation
32. Scoop Moon from Under Sea
33. Immortal Points the Way
34. Phoenix Nods Its Head
35. Swallow Pecks the Mud
36. White Snake Flicks
37. Diagonal Flying

4th section
38. Push Away 1000 lbs Left
39. Push Away 1000 lbs Right
40. Swallow Pecks the Mud
41. White Ape Offers Fruit
42. Falling Flowers
43. Jab Upward then Downward
44. Diagonal Flying
45. Nezha Searching the Sea
46. Great Python turns its Body
47. Weituo Presents a Pestle
48. Millstone Turning Sword
49. Tai Chi Sword Returning to Origin

Visit the International Chen Style Taijiquan site (Ren Guang-yi) to order a video of the jian form

Clip of Chen Zheng Lei performing Jian Form