Rochester Chen Style Taijiquan

Feng Zhi Qiang's Hun Yuan Qigong

The following was taken from the Hun Yuan Qigong (HYQ) videotape produced by Master Zhang Xue Xin.

Qigong is the Chinese science of exercise, breathing, and meditation to increase the body’s supply of healing energy, qi. It improves health and vitality through the emphasis on prevention, improves the immune system and cultivates qi. The HYQ exercises mix the prenatal and postnatal qi and cultivate the Three Treasures of the human body: jing - the life essence that is dissipated by sex and food; shen - the spirit and awareness; and qi - the vital energy. The exercises also help bring in the yang energy from the earth to commune with the human vital energy. The cultivation of these energies within the human body can improve the health and martial aspects for the practitioner.

The external body movements throughout the exercises are used with the yi (proper intention) to guide the internal energy. The practitioner is advised of the importance of paying proper attention to the yi, than to the external movement.

The HYQ exercises begin with the Wuji stance after the cleansing movements (Exercise to lower the murky qi and wash internal organs). Importance of the Wuji stance is also emphasized in the HYQ set. Each HY exercise uses external movements to guide the internal energy, but it is the Wuji stance that helps the practitioner to search or the internal movement of stillness that is the endless true movement and to guide the qi back to the dantian. Thus, the reason for the performance of the Wuji stance between each set of routines.

Between each set of routines:

A. Guide the qi back to the dantian
B. Wuji stance

Names of the exercises:

1. Lower the murky qi and wash internal organs

2. Surround and bring in energy to upper dantian

3. Surround and bring in energy to the middle dantian

4. Surround and bring in energy to the lower dantian

5. Gather qi to the upper dantian

6. Gather qi to the middle dantian

7. Gather qi to the lower dantian

8. Grab and bring down the heaven's yang energy

9. Grab and bring up the earth's yin energy

10. Gollect qi into the dantian

11. Open and close upper dantian

12. Open and close middle dantian

13. Open and close lower dantian

14. With the laogong as the axis, turn paralleled hands forward and backward

15. Revolve the yang and yin energies (Rotate Sun and Moon)

16. Massage the head with qi

17. Massage the chest and the five internal organs with qi

18. Exercise for each leg: qi flows through the three yang and three yin meridians

19. Exercise for both legs; qi flows through the three yang and three yin meridians

20. Connect heaven, man, and earth

21. Grinding motion to lead qi through the belt meridian

22. Open up the whole body

23. Cup and rub the whole body

24. Shake the feathers

25. Mix and nurture the prenatal and postnatal qi in the dantian

After each of the exercises guide the qi back to the dantian three times, then guard the dantian with the Wuji stance for a moment before proceeding with the HYQ set.

Feng Zhi Qian performing Hun Yuan Qigong