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Ren Guang-Yi's Web Page - The International Chen Style Taijiquan Association, get information for ordering videos:

Chen Xiao Wang World Taijiquan Association, sells Chen Xiao Wang videos:

Chen Village taijiquan site:

Jarek's Chinese Martial Arts page, many good translations:

Zhang Xue Xin's site, has information on ordering reeling silk and qi gong videos:

Pennsylvania Chen Taijiquan Association:

Taoist Sanctuary of San Diego (Bill Helm's school):

Tony Wong's Chen Taijiquan page:

Joseph Chen's website (Zhiqiang Chen-Taiji Academy of Canada):

Chen Style Taijiquan Wired for Access, online forum:

Phoenix Chen Taijiquan Gongfu Center, Michael Rosario-Graycar's site for his school in Norristown, PA:

Chen taijiquan notepad:

Excerpts from "Illustrated Explanations of Chen Family Taijiquan" by Chen Xin:


Other Taijiquan and Internal Martial Arts

Tim Cartmell's site:

Peter Lim Tian Tek's page on the history of taijiquan:

Lee Scheele's links page:


An introduction to antique Chinese swords:

Kwan dao:

Broadsword links:

Chinese Spear:


Stretching and Flexibility:

8 extraordinary chi vessels:

Yi jin jing:

Eight section brocade:

Taichido eight brocade:

Other Local Schools

Rochester Shaolin Training Academy:

Rochester T'ai Chi Ch'uan Center:

Rochester Wing Chun Student Association:

Bushido Kai Judo Club:

University of Rochester Tae Kwon Do:

"Classical Taichi" Wu Style:

Matsunami Karate (Shotokan at West Martial Arts):

Bill Adams Martial Arts and Fitness Centers:

Other Links of Interest

Stillpoint, local accupuncturist Leslie Mentel:

T'ai Chi Magazine:



Free ebooks and articles

Ignorance, Legend and Taijiquan, By Stanley Henning, Journal of the Chen Style Taijiquan Research Association Of Hawaii, Vol. 2, No. 3,
Autumn/Winter 1994, 1-7,

The Art of Longsword Combat, Book 1, The first of four books covering a complete training system by the Academy of European Medieval Martial Arts, David M. Cert, Longsword.pdf

Hans Talhoffer "Fectbuch aus dem Jahre 1467" Academy of European Medieval Martial Arts Fechtbuch.pdf,

Longsword Sequences from Paulus Hector Mair's Longsword Treatise (c. 1550), translated and transcribed by Lawrence Delaney, mair_longsword.pdf