Rochester Chen Style Taijiquan

Instructor Bio's

Bob Loce
Bob began study of martial arts in the mid 1970's, starting with Chito Ryu Karate and Toi Gar Southern Shaolin. In 1976, he included study of Yang Style Taiji. Around 1980 he changed his focus to Wu style taijiquan and studied with direct disciples of Wu Chien Chuan and Wu Kong Yi, lineage holders of Wu taijiquan. In the mid 1990's, Bob made connections with some of the best Chen stylists in the country, Ren Guang-yi and Zhang Xue Xin. He brought them to Rochester to teach at seminars and also studied with them in other settings. He later brought Chen Xiao Wang, lineage holder of Chen style, to Rochester and also participated in his seminars around the country. In addition to attending many martial art seminars and camps from a variety of disciplines, Bob also studied jujitsu and judo, and is currently studying Ba Gua.

Ron Nigro
Ron Nigro practices and teaches Chen and Wu style taiji in Rochester, New York. He has been involved in the martial arts since the early 1960’s. His experience includes Chito Ryu Karate, multiple kung fu styles, and training in Yang, Wu, and Chen styles of taiji. His teachers include lineage holders in both Wu and Chen styles. Ron draws on his experience as a teacher and former school principal to present lessons that emphasize correct internal body mechanics, physical conditioning, precise forms, and effective training. He establishes a relaxed yet focused atmosphere that promotes skill development and clear understanding and practice of the underlying principles. He continues to pursue his studies by attending seminars with a variety of recognized Chen style practitioners, including Chen Xiao Wang, the 19 generation lineage holder and current head of Chen style; Chen Xiao Xing, headmaster in Chen Village, Ren Guang Yi, and others.

George Yanson
George Has studied Wu and Chen Style Taijiquan, and qigong for over 20 years. His Wu style study included instruction from disciples of Wu Chien Chuan and Wu Kong Yi, lineage holders of Wu taijiquan. George's primary interest is in taijiquan for health, and to further his understanding he has been studying anatomy, physiology, kinesiology, and exercise science. He also has first aid and CPR certification.