Rochester Chen Style Taijiquan

Chen Xiao Wang's 19 Posture Form

This form was developed by Chen Xiao Wang, 19th generation grandmaster of Chen Style Taijiquan. It serves as a good introduction to important moves in the primary Chen form, lao jia yi lu. It is an easy form to begin utilizing Chen Xiao Wang's reeling silk principles. It is also very well balanced with right-side/left side moves. Postures of this form are derived from Chen “first set” forms as listed below:

New Frame First set (Xin Jia Yi Lu): Step up walk obliquely (Shang bu xie xing), Whirling upper arms (Dao juan hong), Part wild horse’s mane (Yeh ma fen zhong).

Small Frame First set (Xiao Jia Yi Lu): Push with both hands (Shuang tui shou), Flashing the back (Shan tong bei), and Six sealing four closing (Liu feng si bi).

Old Frame First Set (Lao Jia Yi Lu) – Remainder of moves.

The form is composed of four sections that run back and forth on a straight line, with each section primarily running in one direction. Assuming that we start facing North,
1st section – East to West
2nd section – West to East
3rd section – East to West
4th section – West to East

First Section

1. Yu bei shi (Begin the form)

2. Jin gang chu miao (Buddhas Warrior attendent steps forward from the temple)

3. Lan zha yi (Lazily tie coat)

4. Shang bu xie xing (Step up walk obliquely)

5. Shang san bu (Step up three steps)

6. Zou yan shou hong quan (Cover hand punch, left)

7. Shuang tui shou (Double pushing hands)

Second Section

8. Dao juan hong (Whirling upper arms)

9. Shan tong bei (Flashing the back)

10. You yan shou hong quan (Cover hand punch, right)

11. Liu feng si bi (Six sealings, four closing)

Third Section

12. Yun shou (Cloud hand)

13. Gao tan ma (High pat on horse)

14. You deng yi gen (Right heel kick)

15. Zou deng yi gen (Left heel kick)

Fourth Section

16. Ye ma fen zong (Part wild horse's mane)

17. Yu nu chuan suo (Jade maiden works shuttles)

18. Jin gang dao zhui (Buddha's warrior attendant pounds mortar)

19. Shou shi (Close the form)

Clip of Chen Xiao Wang performing Chen 19 Form

Visit the International Chen Style Taijiquan site (Ren Guang-yi) to order a video of the Chen Xiao Wang's 19-Posture Form.