Taijiquan, often spelled "T'ai Chi Ch'uan," is one of the most commonly practiced martial arts in the world.  It is known for its distinctive movement style, which has provided health benefits to its practitioners for many generations.  Being categorized as an internal martial art, its characteristics include relaxed grounded strength, opening and closing the body, a sense of connection throughout the body, and natural spiraling movements. Chen style taijiquan tends to be more vigorous and martial than the popularized image of taiji.

The Rochester Chen Style Taijiquan Association is a group of martial art practitioners working collaboratively to practice, teach and promote internal martial arts in the Rochester, NY area. While our primary work is Chen Style Taijiquan, we also liberally borrow practices from a range of martial arts and health practices.  Please contact us if you have an interest in seminars, classes, or sharing information.

We have been associated with The International Chen Style Taijiquan Association founded by Ren Guang-yi and The Chen Xiao Wang World Taijiquan Association.